Walter Hall

I’m feeling mildly maudlin today.  I was reminded of an old friend of the family, Walter Hall. He was our neighbour some thirty years ago.  I remember going fishing with him and my dad, going up into the slash (place where loggers have cleared trees but there are still a …

Beef Stock

Soup stock is almost a staple in our kitchen.  It’s remarkably useful. Almost any time we have chicken, we save the bones for use in making stock (freezing them until we have enough to use).  If I want beef stock, though, I usually have to go out and buy bones …

Four-way Chess

I’ve been toying with an idea for a while regarding chess with more than two players.  I think I see a fairly simple way to play chess with four players. Four-way Chessboard Basic Rules The board is pretty simple, take a standard board and put a half-board on each side …

Universal Easter Eggs

“Studying Calculus and Physics makes me want to believe in god. I keep learning things that are so beautiful in their profound simplicity… it’s like someone left Easter Eggs all over the Universe just for me to discover and delight in.”

— Arienna Lee

PLS-00306: wrong number or types of arguments in call to ‘my_procedure’

I know I’ve asked this online before, but is Tourette Syndrome an occupational hazard of being a programmer?  I swear, it’s things like this that are going to cause me to develop it. I’ve just been through one of the more frustrating exercises, debugging database calls that look just fine.

Aren’t Reorgs Fun?

(after laying out a new table of organization on the whiteboard…)
Manager 1: “We’ll call this group the ‘Application Security Services Penetration Engineers’…”
*writes name on the whiteboard*
Manager 2: “ASS Penetration Engineers?”
*awkward silence*
Manager 1: “Uh, yeah. Forget I said that. I’d better go change the briefing note. Now.”

Tourette Syndrome

Is Tourette Syndrome an occupational hazard of programmers?  Because I’m afraid this codebase is giving it to me.  WTF?!  FFS!  FMH! (On that note, I’ll be starting a blog at for the sorts of things that made me consider this relationship.)

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