“Such a Pretty Number!”

The other night I stopped at the gas station to fill up (my van is a thirsty creature). Normally I just lock the nozzle on and let it run until it stops, and then gently add some more until it comes to a whole number of dollars.

I’m probably not alone in this.

On Thursday, though, it shut off and I read the value. Just a little over $80, too bad it didn’t stop a few cents light, rather than eight cents over.

Then the number registered.

Surely I’m not the only one who would have decided that was a good enough number and stopped.

Later, I told my wife about this.

Me: “It came to 80.08, and I stopped.”

Wife: “Of course you did, it’s such a pretty number!”

Me: “And spells a word for a pretty thing.”

Wife: “I meant it’s symmetrical!”

Me: “Huh. The plural word is not symmetrical, but what the plural word identifies are, or are close enough.”

Wife: “Baka” some more Japanese… and laughter

Me: “See? You would have stopped too.”

Wife: “… yeah, I would have.”

I have long held that nobody gets past about age fourteen for some types of humor. I have yet to find a strong counterexample.

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