What to Study

As a youth, I studied the languages of the earth so I could better understand the people around me. Now I study the languages of math and it’s slang dialect physics so I can better understand the universe.

— Arienna Lee

Universal Easter Eggs

“Studying Calculus and Physics makes me want to believe in god. I keep learning things that are so beautiful in their profound simplicity… it’s like someone left Easter Eggs all over the Universe just for me to discover and delight in.”

— Arienna Lee

Aren’t Reorgs Fun?

(after laying out a new table of organization on the whiteboard…)
Manager 1: “We’ll call this group the ‘Application Security Services Penetration Engineers’…”
*writes name on the whiteboard*
Manager 2: “ASS Penetration Engineers?”
*awkward silence*
Manager 1: “Uh, yeah. Forget I said that. I’d better go change the briefing note. Now.”

Tourette Syndrome

Is Tourette Syndrome an occupational hazard of programmers?  Because I’m afraid this codebase is giving it to me.  WTF?!  FFS!  FMH! (On that note, I’ll be starting a blog at http://www.onesharedlanguage.com/ for the sorts of things that made me consider this relationship.)

Cut that Out

“You have an annoying tendency to have implemented a fix by the time I realize there’s a problem.  So cut that out.”

— Robin Leung, on game design

What is in Beer?

“Do you know what is in beer?  The strength to bear the things you cannot change, and wisdom to ignore them and fuck off for another beer.”

— Angstrom, discussing work

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