Poxy Server

“I’m happy to do the tracker stuff since our Microsoft Poxy Server (that’s poxy, not proxy) won’t let me connect to sourcesafe’s CVS…”

— Karianna, pcgen mailing list

What the Label Says

DM : “You search the storeroom and find a barrel marked ‘elf pudding’.”

Random: “Elven pudding! Wonderful stuff. I haven’t had it since I left the elven homeland.  Gimme!”

Dolarn: “We’re in a goblin lair and it says ‘elf pudding’. I wouldn’t.”

Random: “What?! You mean… <hyuuuurfff>”

— at the game

Majority Vote

Logan: “I don’t think it’s a good idea.”

Raven: “The vote is three to one against you — me, the crystal ball, and the little voices in your head.”

— at the game.

Resisting Temptation

Elarios: “Shade, you showed honor and mercy.  Raven, you were courageous beyond expectation.  Logan, you resisted the temptation of knowledge.”

Logan: “That’s… good, right?”

— at the game

On Improving Chances

“There are points wherein new circumstances will fail to have any impact on a given situation. When shooting fish in a barrel, to use an extreme example, the addition of a sniper scope just doesn’t make things easier.”
— Larry D. Hols

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