Aren’t Reorgs Fun?

(after laying out a new table of organization on the whiteboard…)
Manager 1: “We’ll call this group the ‘Application Security Services Penetration Engineers’…”
*writes name on the whiteboard*
Manager 2: “ASS Penetration Engineers?”
*awkward silence*
Manager 1: “Uh, yeah. Forget I said that. I’d better go change the briefing note. Now.”

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  1. Ray Case

    Anybody that uses A.S.S. for anything is an A.S.S. For a short while I worked for ‘Application Systems & Services’ at an insurance company – I rewrote my title from Application Developer to Business Application Developer – Application Systems & Services and put up a professional looking title card on my cube with the first letter of each word in BOLD. I am just amazed at the idiocy of some parts of management.

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