Salad is Boring, huh?

"Boring Salad"
"Boring Salad"

So, I’ve been told that salad is a boring meal.  I don’t think so.

This is a pretty simple and straightforward salad with dressing.  The drink is a 20-ounce mug of water (yes, there’s that much salad there) with perhaps 1/2 teaspoon of lime juice.

(That handle sticking out of the bowl?  An ugly spoon from the dollar store, nobody tries to take it, even by accident.  I’ve had people return it to me when I forget it somewhere.)


  • Romaine lettuce
  • 2 tomatoes
  • 2 yellow-green peppers
  • 1/4 white onion (sorry, coworkers, my salad > your safety)
  • chili-mayo dressing (mix about 1/4 cup mayo and 2 teaspoon chili powder (this is really approximate), add perhaps 1/2 teaspoon lemon or lime juice, stir until smooth.)
  • nuts and seeds (I usually use a mix of sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, and pecan pieces)
  • rotisserie chicken breast (skin on, thank you very much)


Really, preparing food doesn’t get much simpler.

  • Clean and chop lettuce fairly small, put in bowl.
  • Dice tomatoes; put half on lettuce.
  • Slice peppers (I prefer to do rings, then chop smaller, but do it as you please); put half on tomatoes.
  • Slice onion and separate, put on peppers.
  • Put other half of tomato on.
  • Put other half of peppers on.
  • Put dressing on top, more or less evenly.
  • Sprinkle liberally with nuts and seeds.
  • Put chopped chicken breast on top.

This is a fairly standard salad for me.  I don’t usually use as much tomato and peppers, but they were fairly small and I’ve got a long afternoon ahead of me.  My kids are in Taekwondo and are going to a grading tonight to watch the Big Kids (the black belts) do their grading, so I might not be home until kind of late.

Variations?  Huge number.  Change the ingredients (I sometimes omit onion, but onion’s good for me), only do one tomato and one pepper, do several peppers (cleaning my vegetable basket at work on Friday so I don’t leave them over the weekend),  different meat (roast beef works really well with this dressing), different dressing (curry and mayo?  Awesome goodness).

About the only constant is that this contains lots of vegetables (by volume), a fair bit of meat, a fatty dressing, and nuts and seeds.  Anything after that depends on what I have handy.

In any case, ‘salad is boring’?  Yeah, sure.

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