Aren’t Reorgs Fun?

(after laying out a new table of organization on the whiteboard…)
Manager 1: “We’ll call this group the ‘Application Security Services Penetration Engineers’…”
*writes name on the whiteboard*
Manager 2: “ASS Penetration Engineers?”
*awkward silence*
Manager 1: “Uh, yeah. Forget I said that. I’d better go change the documentation now.”

Tourette Syndrome

Is Tourette Syndrome an occupational hazard of programmers?  Because I’m afraid this codebase is giving it to me.  WTF?!  FFS!  FMH! (On that note, I’ll be starting a blog at for the sorts of things that made me consider this relationship.)

Primal Pasta Sauce

Ideally this recipe would use grass-fed meat.  I’m working on it.  The meat I used (both beef and the sausage) was lean enough I had to add olive oil to keep things from getting unpleasant, so if we don’t look too carefully we should be okay. It’s my birthday later …